Directions for entering images into 2018 Salon Competition

Here are directions for entering images in Salon Competition:

May 9  Digital images to be entered by midnight Wednesday, May 9. Folders are set up and opened.
May 16  Drop off Color and Monochrome prints at Griswold Community Center. Prints will be held for judging and returned at the Salon and Banquet on May 30.
May 30  Salon and Banquet at the Griswold Community Center at 6pm. Awards, dinner and presentation
The Annual Salon:

(a) The Annual Salon is held in all divisions in May. Each member's total number of entries, in each division, is limited to the actual count of photographs which placed first through fifth during the club year.

Any photograph or digital image which received Honorable Mention, in the same division during the year, may be substituted. Substituting a new photograph or digital image is not permitted. If a member has only one such eligible photograph or digital image, in any single division, he/she may enter a second photograph or digital image of his/her choice in that division. If a member has no such eligible photographs or digital images, he/she may enter two photographs of his/her choice in that division, whether it was submitted before or not;

(b) Awards are given for first through fifth places and three of the entries will receive Honorable Mention;

(c) Prints or digital images awarded in the Annual Salon shall be ineligible for any further Westbridge competition;

(d) Awards

(1) Those members with each division's highest accumulation of points over the club year will receive plaques.

(2)  The year's five top scorers receive ribbons.

(3)  Annual Salon winners receive plaques for Digital Scarlet Image of the Year, Digital Gray Image of the Year, Color Print of the Year, Monochrome Print of the Year. The Image Of The Year Award (formerly Laurie Butts Award) is awarded to the winner of the Salon.

(4) The member(s) with the highest accumulation of points in all combined categories shall be given a plaque for the Photographer Of The Year Award.

(5) Salon winners shall be announced at the Annual Banquet.

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