November 2016 Competition Results


Digital Competition: November 16, 2016


Scarlet Category

1.Ria Waugh -Blue Sky Opera - 6 points

2. Dale Berlin -St George Island Bridge-5 point

3. Carla Shadwick- Aubergine -4 points

4. Kathryn Kempke -Colors in Steel-3 points

5. Kirsten Lehtoma- Left Behind -2 points


Honorable Mention

Linda Teufel - San Miguel Wall -1point

Audrey Begun - Blue -1 point

Jeff Sagar- Surviving Winter -1 point

Charles Bowdel -Wispy -1 point

Sharon Telatnik- Window Simplicity -1 point

Jon Harvey- Corning Museum -1 point


Grey Category

1.Sharon Telatnik -Blue Waves -6 points

2. Kathryn Kempke -Curve in Black and White -5 points

3. Rick Barteldt -Tiger Shark in the Mist-4 points

4. Boris Rudkevich -Diving Pelicans -3 points

5. Linda Teufel -S Curve-2 points


Honorable Mention 

Jon Harvey -Laughing Gull- 1 point

Kent Larsson- Rock and Sand- 1 point

Jim Synders -Precious Cargo -1point

Linda Teufel -Aloe Plant -1 point



Print Results

Monochrome Prints

1.Mark Fohl Square Window-6 points

2.Sharon Telatnik-Cleveland Architcture-5 points

3. Rick Barteldt-Quill Cloud-4 points

4. Rick Barteldt-Walking on the Seawall-3 point

5.Audrey Begun-Branches-2 points


Honorable Mention

Cherry Williams-Katie-1 point

Dick Wood-Rectangles and Squares-1 point

Audrey Begun-Hong Kong Wall-1 point



Color Prints

  1. Cherry Williams-Ocean Cruise - 6 points
  2. Sharon Telatnik-Citrus-5 points
  3. Cheri Brent-Bug on a Wall-4 points
  4. Ria Waugh-Yellow Bicycle-3 points
  5. Ria Waugh- Green-2 points


Honorable Mention

Mark Fohl-Black Lamp Red Wall - 1 point

Jeff Sagar-Sunset -1 point

Dick Wood-Tractor Rim and Bolt- 1 point

Cheri Brent-Balance-1 point

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