November 2017 Competition Results

Digital Gray

1. Day is Done - Kathryn Cubert

2. Buenas Aires Protest - John Butterfield 

3. 2 - 16x24 - Paul Wilbur

4. Golden Temple Japan – Eric Erickson

5. Sunset in Palouse - Donna Winters

HM.My Bronco and Me - Donna Winters

HM. Adobe Wall and Ladder Taos Pueblo - Frank Darr

HM. Riding to Sunrise - Marivi Magan

HM. Bow Lake Panorama - Al Siegel


Digital Scarlet

1. Blue Man in Snow Storm - Roberta Kayne

2. Imbibing Nectar - Rick Barteldt

3. Bridge to Beauty - John Butterfield

4. St. Jerome’s Taos Pueblo - Frank Darr

5. After the Storm - Rick Barteldt

HM. After the Rain - Kathryn Kempke

HM. Smoky Mountain Ridges - Kent Larsson

HM. Cliff Hanger - Charles Bowdle

HM. Homeless Camp - Sharon Telatnik

HM. Stormy Dunes - Charles Bowdle

HM. Heliconius Butterfly - Karen Adams


Monochrome Print

1st Dick Wood - First Morning Light at the Badlands

2nd Donna Winters - Fierce Beauty

3rd  Donna Winters - Should I Stay or Should I go

4th  Cherry Williams -  Portrait of a Young Man

5th  Dick Wood - Spring Runoff

HM Jay Heiser - Furnace Elevator

HM Sharon Telatnik - Zebra Print

HM Jay Heiser - Angry Bronco


Color Print

1st Dale Berlin - Gates of Heaven

2nd Kathy Cubert - Regal is as Regal does

3rd Jay Heiser - 12 Apostles

4th Carol Shurlow - Shells

5th Brett Brotherton - Portland Headlight

HM Ted Stone - Spiral Staircase

HM Donna Winters - Rolling Hills

HM Charles Bowdle - Looking Back

HM Jay Heiser - Yellow Dog Stairs


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