Photo exchange with Dresden Germany for Westbridge members

Hello Folks, now that the pandemic is over, and we can meet in person again, we can also resume our print exchanges with the Fotoklub Exakta in Dresden.  We have done this several times before.  It works like this: the Dresden club will send us 25-30 prints.  Our members will then “judge” the prints, that is, each member will score each print.  I’ll total up the scores, and we can determine “winners”.  I will try to find another club or two in Columbus to show the prints to.  Viewing their prints is interesting, there are cultural differences.And we will send prints to Dresden so that some clubs can “judge” our prints.  We will receive their totals with lists of winners.

What I would like from as many of you as possible is one print.  It must be no larger than 8 ½ x 11 inches and definitely *unmounted*.  It can be film or digital, b&w or color, any subject matter.  Give me a good one.

I will collect prints in September or October, and I will definitely send more reminders.

-- Mark

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