February Competition Results

Digital Gray:

1st  Warrior – Jon Harvey

2nd A Walk in the Woods – Tonya Sekerak

3rd Havana – Ed Zirkle

4th The Bay – Vickie Warren

5th Refreshing – Donnie Robinson

HM Cross – Eric Reidinger

HM Silky Sunrise – Rob Formentelli 

HM Hollywood Stairway – Tom Thacker

HM Reflecting – Phyllis Hollyfield

HM Hidden in Plain Sight – Lee Flasche


Digital Scarlet:

1st  Porch Light – Joe Chunko

2nd Meet Up – Vicki Warren

3rd  Window Set – Dick Wood

4th  Mormon Row – Marcia Colucci

5th  Columbus At Night – Eric Reidinger

HM Gone Fishing – Frank Begun

HM Clear Sky Reflections – Sue Day

HM Nap Time at the Museum – Laurie Stevenson

HM The Crew – Paul Wilbur

HM Kodachrome Basin – Dale Berlin

HM Iceland – Gerry Allen

HM Up and Down – George Vaughn


Monochrome Prints

1st  Witches Hat – Gerry Allen 

2nd Woods are Lonely, Dark, and Deep – Ron Briggs

3rd Kneading Dough – Rob Formentelli

4th Light Hearted Vines – John Butterfield

5th Morning Medicine Beads – Rob Formentelli

HM Columbus Crossing – Dick Wood

HM Penobscot Narrows Bridge – Richard Mansfield 

HM Elegant Partners = John Butterfield

HM Aspens in a Rainstorm – Gerry Allen


Color Prints

1st  Architectural Tapestry – Dick Wood

2nd Asian Influence – Cherry Williams

3rd Face on the Wall – Sharon Telatnik

4th Natural Design – Jeff Sagar

5th Blue Door – Mark Fohl

HM Welcome to my Web – Ted Stone

HM Bar Harbor Sunrise – Carol Shurlow

HM Landing in Heavy Traffic – Gerry Allen

HM Claude Monet – Richard Mansfield

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