Official Rules of Competition

Note: Digital A division is more commonly known as the 'Gray Division'. Digital AA is known as the 'Scarlet Division'.


Following are the rules governing competitions for the Westbridge Camera Club
(a) The competition year extends from September until May of the following year;
(b) There will be competition each month from September until April. Judging for the Annual Salon will be
held in May;
(c) There will be four Divisions: Digital A Images, Digital AA Images, Color Prints, and Monochrome Prints.
All divisions compete each month.
(d) To encourage more members to enter competitions, there are two digital competitions.
1. Digital AA Competition is open to all members.
2. Digital A Competition will be only for members who in the previous year accumulated fewer total
yearly points than the top 25% of the members who received points. (See Section 1.G for scoring
3. The Digital A Competition is established to encourage more members to enter the club competitions.
4. Members who can enter the Digital A competition may also enter the Digital AA competition.
(e) Sometimes a competition subject is assigned; otherwise the competition is open (no limit on subject)
Section 1: Regular Competitions
(a) Dues paying members may enter up to two photographs in each of the color prints, monochrome prints and
digital images (Based on the rules above) divisions.
(b) The essential photograph must be the work of the member; however, the photograph need not be home
processed. Printing and/or mounting may be done commercially;
(c) Prints may be any photographic medium. Prints may not be smaller than eight (8) inches wide by eight (8)
inches tall, and the final mounted entry must not exceed thirty (30) inches in either height or width. Prints must
be mounted. Prints may be matted, but not framed. Prints can be put in a cellophane bag.  Photographer’s name must not be on the front;
(d) Digital image size and deadline for submission will be determined in advance by the Competition
Committee. Failure to submit digital files in the appropriate format will require re-submission before the
(e) One member may submit no more than two images in any division during a single competition;
(f) For the purposes of these bylaws, a photograph will herein after be defined to include a print (either
monochrome or color) and a digital image during a competition. A photograph that has placed first through
fifth in any division cannot ever be resubmitted in that or any other division. A member cannot submit the
same image in two or more categories in the same competition. It is, however, eligible for submission to the
Annual Salon, subject to Salon rules. Honorable mention images may only be resubmitted in future years.
They may not be resubmitted again if they place fifth or higher in the annual salon;
(g) Competition Scoring:
-First place 6 points,
-Second place 5 points,
-Third place 4 points,
-Fourth place 3 points,
-Fifth place 2 points,
-HM 1 point


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