December 2012 Competition Results

Theme - Taken this year

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Night
    Date:   December 19, 2012  
    Judge: John Lubinsky  
Monochrome   Prints    
  First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Dick  Wood Circle , Triangle, Line 6
2nd Al Siegel Peggy's Cove 5
3rd Balaji Rajan Open Doors 4
4th Tim Patterson Q Tips 3
5th Al Siegel Old Time Rail Car 2
HM Dick  Wood Arches and Triangles 1
HM Judy Fettman Nature's Art 1
Color   Prints      
  First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Sharon Telatnik End of Summer 6
2nd Al Siegel Leaf in Sunlight 5
3rd Carol Shurlow Quiet Pond at Night 4
4th Dick Burry Koln Cathedral 3
5th Dick Burry Last Rays 2
HM George Clark Greer Cathedral 1
HM Richard Marquardt Red Ribbons 1
HM Richard Marquardt I love you Rosebud 1
HM Judy Fettman Framed 1
HM       1
  First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Dick Burry Not Another Spring 6
2nd Kathy  Wagner Into the Volcano 5
3rd Dave Mondiek Chuckles 4
4th Dick Wood Scioto Mile 3 3
5th Tim Patterson Portrait of a Dancer 2
HM Darlene Yeager-Torre Pagoda 1
HM Mark Fohl Hole in the Wall 1
HM Cherry Williams On the Hunt 1
HM George  Clark South 3 1
HM Balaji Rajan Conversation 1

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