April 2013 Competition Results

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Night
    Date:   April 17,2013  
    Judge: Ashley Corkum   
Monochrome Prints    
  First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Sharon Telatnik Skull & Flower 6
2nd Ted Stone New Las Vegas Buildings  5
3rd Richard Marquardt Egg Slicer 4
4th Ted Stone Roots 3
5th Unknown   Tulip Abstract 2
HM Audrey Begun Purple Onion 1
HM Dick Burry Virile Gourds 1
HM George Clark Napa Cabbage 1
Color Prints      
  First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Cheri Brendt Blues Sisters 6
2nd Carol Shurlow Success with Tress 5
3rd George Clark Southwestern Still Life 4
4th Audrey Begun Poppies 3
5th Sharon Telatnik Mona 2
HM Carol Shurlow Amaryllis 1
HM Dick Burry Immigrant and his Prayer Beads 1
  First Name Last Name Title Points
1st George Clark Bok Choy-Weston 6
2nd Kent Larsson In the style of Georgia OKeefe 5
3rd Paul Wilbur Inspired by Annie and Weston 4
4th Cynthia DeGrand In the Style of 3
5th Tim Patterson In the style of Warhol 2
HM Tina Efaw Fall Flowers 1
HM Erik Erikson Ghost Ranch 1
HM Carol Shurlow Abstract 1
HM Paul Wilbur Zig Zag Club 1
HM Charles Bowdle Nice bright colors 1
HM Ria Waugh Kale 1

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