January 2014 Competition Results

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Night
    Bruce Miller    
Monochrome Prints      
R First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Darlene Yeager-Torre No Mail 6
2nd John Enterline StillStanding 5
3rd Dick Wood Old Porch Column 4
4th Ted Stone Downtown Buildings Columbus 3
5th Linda Williams Dreamers 2
HM Sharon  Telatnik Lorain Lighthouse 1
HM Ria Waugh Young Male Lion 1
HM Carol Shurlow Building Façade 1
HM Frank  Darr Paris Icon 1
Color Prints      
R First Name Last Name Title Points
1st George Clark Josephinium Morning 6
2nd Darlene Yeager-Torre The Arts 5
3rd Mark Fohl Artiste 4
4th Tom  Wehrung The Bridge at Natchez 3
5th Dick Burry Castle in the Fjords 2
HM Frank  Darr At Rest 1
HM Tom  Ziegler Kermet's Place 1
HM Frank  Darr Paris Afternoon 1
HM Darlene Yeager-Torre Cold Night Color 1
Digital Scarlet      
R First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Tim Patterson Frosty Sunrise 6
2nd Sharon Telatnik Winter Frost 5
3rd George Clark Fixer Upper 4
4th John Enterline Still Life on Tiles 3
5th Darlene Yeager-Torre Exit 2
HM Dick Wood Open Door Policy 1
HM Charles  Bowdle Leader of the Pack 1
HM Kathy Wagner Before the Rehab 1
HM Kent  Larsson Driving the Horses 1
HM Carla Whipps Shadwick Fruit Snack 1
Digital Gray      
R First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Karen English Lake Reflection 6
2nd Kent Larsson The Tuba Player 5
3rd Jim Snyders Early Sunrise 4
4th Stuart Herlan Transition 3
5th John Cagnina Stars and Stripes 2
HM Gil Sears Beginning of Fall 1
HM Carla  Whipps Shadwick Boudoir 1
HM Stuart Herlan Blendon Woods Winter 1


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