April 2009 Competition Results

Category A (Advanced/Expert)

1st - Frozen Locomotion by George Clark
2nd - Vermillion Cliffs by Dave Dillahunt
3rd - Hemmed in by Mark Fohl
4th - Untitled (snowy fence) by Joe Waganhals
5th - Tunnel and Light by Susan Berry
HM - Portrait by Cherry Williams
HM - Nob Hill Night by Paula Hardin
HM - Your Secret's Safe with Me by George Clark
HM - Parade Marching by Carol Shurlow
1st - Ready to Fight by Joe Wagenhals
2nd - What Does 60 W Mean? by Lynn Barr
3rd - Untitled (frozen vines) by Jim Shirey
4th - Tahoe Queen by Chris Strickling
5th - #2 by Carol Shurlow
HM - Rhino Sunset by Paul Becker
HM - The Boxer by George Clark
HM - Baby Leaves by George Casey
HM - Chalice Garden by Sydney Schardt
HM - Chinese Lantern by Tim Patterson
HM - Kiwi by Carla Shadwick
1st - Mount Sneffels Dawn by Charles Bowdle
2nd - Grand Haven at Sunset by Cheryl Hyde
3rd - Untitled (multiple weeds) by Nova Weller
4th - Galleton State Park by Vic Rousch
5th - Untitled (daisy) by Nova Weller
HM - Pondering Pickernigton Pond by Vic Rausch
HM - Soft Morsel for Dinner by Ted Stone
HM - Timber in Winter by Chris Strickling
HM - Vanishing Pier by Chris Strickling

Category B (Beginner/Intermediate - Digital)

Note: Judges comments are online on the PBASE gallery containing these images.

1st - Larry the Vietnam Vet by Crystal Tursich
2nd- Butterfly on Leaf by Al Seigel
3rd - Wagon Wheel by Jon Harvey
4th - Lighthouse by Jon Harvey
5th - Frosty Leaf November Morning by Cheryl Bach
HM - Window to Emma's Soul by Wendy George

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