Bylaws of the Westbridge Camera Club

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History of the Constitution and Bylaws

March 26, 1977
The original Constitution and Bylaws were prepared by the Constitution Committee.  Wallace Cash, Chm., Marvyth Bonham, Bob Rusiska, and George and Laurie Butts.

Revision Committee: Eleanor Helper, chair, Laurie Butts, Wallace Cash, and Bill McCracken.

September 1, 2004
Article II, Section 1 (f) revised to relax requirements for financial audits as approved by voice vote.

September 2005
Article V, Section 8 was added after voice vote of membership at the first meeting.

September 2007
The name of the club's newsletter was removed from this text, since that name ("Snapshots") is no longer in use. 

September 3, 2008
The Bylaws were completely reviewed and overhauled by Dave Dillahunt, Jim Mitchell and George Casey and adopted by a quorum vote of the membership following board review, membership feedback and discussion.  The Rules of Competition were incorporated within the Bylaws.

September 4, 2009
The Bylaws were changed to incorporate digital images into the club competition.

March 17, 2016
The changes and additions are in red.  The following have been either added or changed: Article  II Section 1 b, Article  II Section 1 m, Article  II Section 3 d, Article  II Section 4 f, Article III Section 3 b, Article IV Section 1 c, Article IV Section 5 c, Article IX c, Article IX d1, d2, Article IX Section 1 c, Article IX Section 1 e, Article IX Section 2 c, Article IX Section 2 d 3

June 20, 2017
ByLaws Article II, Section 5, Members At Large: 1. Specifies 3 year term; 2. Overlapping terms. One Member At Large position to be elected each year; 3. President shall appoint replacement of resigned Member At Large for the remaining term.

ByLaws, Article IX, Official Rules of Competition: 1. Minimum Print submission size set at 8 inches wide by 8 inches tall; 2.Specifies digital submission file name: image title - member name.

September 2023
Changes made to digital competitions and Salon awards