December 2007 Competition Results

1st - Crossing Over by Tom Snide
2nd - Fog and Reflections by Jim Snyders
3rd - Southern Cavalryman by Dick Wood
4th - Marathon 2007 by Mark Fohl
5th - Organ Pipes by Clyde Goad
HM - Almost Human by Mike Lehner
HM - Tee Pee by Lynn Barr
HM - William Hamby 96 by Tom Snide
HM - American Dreams by Mike Lehner
HM - Lemons and Limes by Dick Wood

1st - Steam Pool Silhouette by Tom Snide
2nd - Blazing Starflower by Marguerite Molk
3rd - Frost on River by Nova Weller
4th - Gerbena Red by Janice Postlethwaite
5th - Traffic Jam on Broadview Hill by Charles Bowdle
HM - Grand Haven by Cheryl Hyde
HM - Garnet Cabin Door by Tom Snide
HM - Butterflies by Ted Stone

1st - Misty Morning by Kathleen Basil
2nd - Forgotten Memories by Cherie Toliver
3rd - Heron on Golden Pond by Dick Wood
4th - Alone by Dave Dillahunt
5th - Ice Berries by George Casey
HM - My Sandbox by Greg Hammer
HM - Boats and Fort by Robert Mauck
HM - Full Bloom by Greg Hammer
HM - Red on Black Cars by Denise McCracken
HM - Fall Leaves and Big Trees by Ted Stone
HM - Ferris Wheel Circles by Jim Snyders
HM - Rhino by Mike Lehner
HM - Last Season’s Mums by Denise McCracken
HM - American Serenity by George Clark

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