January 2008 Competition Results

1st - Pittsburg Circa 2007 by Paula Hardin
2nd - Fantasy Garden by Nova Weller
3rd - Desert Curves by Dave Dillahunt
4th - Antrim Lake Mist by Gerry Allen
5th - Port City by Bill Kern
HM - Tea Room by Nova Weller
HM - Girl at Window by Gerry Allen
HM - Untitled by Joe Wagenhals
HM - Korean War Memorial by Eric Erickson
HM - Beach Nipples by Lynn Barr
HM - Amish Fall Harvest by Ted Stone

1st - White Tree at Dusk by Tom Ziegler
2nd - And they said hell couldn't freeze Over! by
Lynn Barr
3rd - Porcelain Basin by Cherie Toliver
4th - Abandoned by Ray Wilson
5th - Reach for the Sky by Denise McCracken
HM - Red Tractors by Jim Maurer
HM - The Start by Gerry Allen
HM - Uplifting Spirits by Tom Snide
HM - Red Delights by Clyde Goad
HM - Cassiar Mountains by Ray Wilson
HM - Green Waves by Dave Dillahunt
HM - Regal Pheasant by Wan Jung
HM - Alien Rain by Paula Hardin
HM - The Mantis by Tim Patterson

1st - Night Trees by Paula Hardin
2nd - Smokey Road by Tom Ziegler
3rd - Fog, Lake Logan by Denise McCracken
4th - The Last Mile by Vic Rausch
5th - Missoula Sunrise by Tom Snide
HM - Night Surf by Paula Hardin
HM - Amish by Bob Mauk
HM - Red Flower by Ted Stone
HM - Glacier Ridge by Chuck Zelms

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