October 2009 Competition Results

Monochrome Prints

1st        George Casey, Waiting for the Wedding

2nd       Tim Patterson, Toad Stool

3rd        Paula Hardin, Close to Home

4th        Tim Patterson, Untitled

5th        Dick Wood, A Pair of Pears

HM       Jim Snyders, Elephant Ear

HM       Dick Wood, Long Shadows

HM       Lynn Barr, Coreopsis


Color Prints

1st        Ted Stone, Off to Battle

2nd       Darlene Yeager-Torre, Properties of Water

3rd        Paula Hardin, Under Water Contemplation

4th        Jim Snyder, Backyard Beauty

5th        Sharon Telatnik, Tower

HM       Dan Barr, Blending In

HM       Tim Patterson, Robber Fly

HM       Wan Jung, Chicada

HM       George Clark, I'd Turn Back if I Were You

HM       Vladimir Orchinniko,r Mama's Little Helper

HM       George Clar,k Scarlet Stillness


Digital Prints

1st        Paula Hardin, The New Neighborhood Hospital

2nd       Frank Begun, Green Bee Close Up

3rd        Denise McCracken, Park Bench Resident

4th        Crystal Tursich, Abandoned Car Wash

5th        Sharon Telatnik, Lunch On Milkweed

HM       Susan Berry, Mother Love

HM       Kathy Wagner, Dinner Time at the Cardinal Nest

HM       Dennis Ervin, Portico

HM       Darlene Yeager-Torre, Untitled

HM       Audrey Begun, Spider in Dewy Web

HM       Frank Begun, Wipe Out

HM       Linda Kennedy, Dinner Time

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