December 2009 Competition Results

December 2009 Competition Results

Monochrome Prints

1st      Frank Begun, Shark Attack

2nd     Linda Williams, Baby Girl

3rd     Ted Stone, New River George Bridge

4th     Sharon Telatnik, Abstract in Black and White

5th     Dick Wood, Morning at Greenlawn

HM      John Enterline, Faded Glory

HM      Frank Begun, Ann Arbor Dawn

HM      Tom Ziegler, Ice Crystals

HM      David Mondiek, Yosemite Valley

HM      Ted Stone, The Great Sand Dune: Outer Banks, North Carolina



1st        Frank Darr, Contemplation

2nd       Dave Dillahunt, Bridalveil Falls

3rd        Jeff Boehm, Join In

4th        Sharon Telatnik, Bad Hair Day

5th        Charles Bowdle, Greenlawn Autumn

HM        No name or title

HM        Rob Taylor, Merry and Bright

HM        Paul Christianen, Monochrome flower

HM        Frank Begun, Eating Osprey

HM        George Clark, Poles Looking Up

HM        Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Little Princess

HM        Ted Stone, Morning Fog at Lake Logan

HM        Wendy George, Weathering the Storm

Color Prints

1st        Tim Patterson, Haircut Night

2nd       Dick Wood, Morning Mist at Alum Creek

3rd        Lynn Barr, The Guardian

4th        Vladimir Orchinniker, Self Portrait: Through the Rain

5th        Ted Stone Spiral, Staircase Lighthouse - Outer Banks, NC

HM        Dave Dillahunt, The Organ

HM        Al Siegal, Fall Comes to Inniswoods 2

HM        Stuart Herlan, Door to the Past 2

HM        Cherry Williams, Purple Iris

HM        Frank Begun, Guarding Grizzly Innocence

HM        Dan Barr, Peek-a-Boo, I See You

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