January 2010 Competition Winners


Color Prints

1st     Darlene Yeager-Torre, Face in a Window

2nd   Dave Dillahunt,  Lit

3rd    Lynn Barr Light, no Sight

4th    Paula Hardin, Virtual Rectangles

5th    Ted Stone, Building Reflections on a Downtown Building HM Dick Wood, Ode to Mondrian

HM   Lynn Barr, The Monster in the Corner

HM   Darlene Yeager-Torre, Harbor Reflections

HM   Jim Mitchell, Children's Blocks

HM   George Casey, Statehouse Bench


Monochrome Prints

1st     Paula Hardin, Old & New Rectangles

2nd   Lynn Barr, Twilight Zone

3rd    Gerry Allen, State House Guardian

4th    Sharon Telatnik, Swirl

5th    Gerry Allen, Somme Cemetery

HM   Stuart Herlan, Abstract at Inniswoods

HM   Dave Dillahunt, Water & Steel

HM   Audrey Begun, Urban Reflections

HM   David Mondiek, 100 Millimeters


Color Slides

1st     Dick Wood, Grange on High

2nd   Charles Bowdle, A Century Away

3rd    Paula Hardin, Aquarium / Rectangle

4th    Marguerite Molk, Power Struggle New York City

5th    Ted Stone, House on Fire

HM   Audrey Begun, Window Watching

HM   Darlene Yeager-Torre, No Title

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