February 2010 Competition Winners

Monochrome Prints 

1st Dave Dillahunt, Progress 

2nd George Clark, Fowl Weather 

3rd Tim Patterson, Barred Owl 

4th Denise McCracken, Welcome to the Killtop 

5th Vladimir Ovchinnikov, Winter Sky 

HM Frank Begun, Manatee Moment 

HM Wan Jung, Sinuous Tulip 

HM Martin Cline, Moss Glen Falls 

HM Tim Patterson, The 5th Bridge 

HM Gerry Allen, Gun Deck 



1st Dave Dillahunt, Alone 

2nd Carla Shadwick, Gold Leaf 

3rd Paula Hardin, Science Fiction Dream 

4th Charles Bowdle, Where Did He Go? 

5th Gerry Allen, Assent 

HM Jim Snyders, Morning Prayer 

HM No Name, Hay Bales 

HM Linda Kennedy, Turning One 

HM John Enterline, Winter Walk 

HM Audrey Begun, Tadpole to Frog 

HM Gerry Allen, Warrior 


Color Prints

1st Steve Luebbers, Boaters Rope 

2nd Crystal Tursich, Snow Cones 

3rd George Clark, Women in Red 

4th Dan Barr, No Title 

5th Dave Dillahunt, Turret Arch Through Window Arch

HM Jim Mitchell, Old, Old Glory 

HM George Clark, Ascending Order 

HM John Enterline, Winter Berries

HM Hughes Saint-Amand, No Title 

HM Stuart Herlan, 3rd Street Abstraction 

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