March 2010 Competition Results

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Results
March 17, 2010
Judge:  Mike Reddy

Monochrome Prints

           First Name    Last Name    Title                    
1st      Martin            Cline             Wyatt's Lashes 
2nd    Stuart             Herlan           Old Scout   
3rd     Ted                Stone             Lunch Break   
4th     Wan               Jung              Man with a Hat
5th     Denise            McCracken   State House Stance  
HM    Denise            McCracken   Curtain Call
HM    Darlene           Yeager-Torre Playing Hide ‘N Seek 
HM    George           Clark             Solitude
HM    Sharon           Telatnik         Throwing as Far as I Can
HM    Dan                Barr               I'm into Organics Now  

Color Prints

R        First Name    Last Name    Title      
1st     Dave               Dillahunt       Cowboy Up  
2nd    Gerry              Allen             The Peddler   
3rd     Dave              Dillahunt        I Spy You  
4th     John               Enterline         Up, Up and Away   
5th     Tim                Patterson        Light on his Feet He is Not
HM    Tim                Patterson        Girl with Guitar
HM    Wan               Jung                Cousins   
HM    Dick               Wood              Jingle Dancer
HM    Ted                 Stone              Home on the Range    
HM    Dave              Mondiek          Happy Green and Orange   
HM    Dick               Wood              Aztec Dancer with an Attitude  


R       First Name    Last Name    Title       
1st    Stuart              Herlan           Simply Nova  
2nd   Denise             McCracken   Lawn Party   
3rd    Ted                 Stone             Renaissance Festival  
4th    Ted                 Stone             July 4 Celebration 
5th    Denise             McCracken   Good Day for a Nap 
HM    Marguerite     Molk             Camelot 
HM    Charles           Bowdle          Catching Up on Gossip   

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