2010 Salon Results

Salon Results - 2010




George Anderson – professional photographer, specializing in people photography

David Gentilini – Assistant Director for Photography, Schumacher Gallery, Capital Univ.

Eric Newkirk – professional photographer, doing product, portrait, and corporate work


Color Prints


1st        Morning Mist at Alum Creek                Dick Wood

2          Mist of Antrim                                      Doug Goodwin

3          Turret Arch                                          Dave Dillahunt

4          Brewing Storm                                     Dave Dillahunt

5          Face in a Window                                Darlene Yeager-Torre

HM      Misty Rower                                        Frank Begun

HM      Backyard Beauty                                  Jim Snyders

HM      Door to the Past 2                                Stuart Herlan


Monochrome Print


1st        Progress                                               Dave Dillahunt

2          Twilight Zone                                        Lynn Barr

3          Father and Son                                     Steve Luebbers

4          Statehouse Guardian                             Gerry Allen

5          New River Gorge Bridge                      Ted Stone

HM      Water and Steel                                    Dave Dillahunt

HM      Morning at Greenlawn                          Dick Wood

HM      Iceberg, Hills, Mountains                      Darlene Yeager-Torre




1st        Get Out of My Face                             Frank Begun

2          Clown Fish                                           Frank Begun

3          Alum Creek Dawn                                Audrey Begun

4          no title                                                  Darlene Yeager-Torre

5          Grange on High                                    Dick Wood

HM      Siberian Crane                                      Audrey Begun

HM      no title                                                  Darlene Yeager-Torre

HM      July 4th Celebration                               Ted Stone


Digital Images


1st        Assent                                                  Gerry Allen

2          Portrait of a Fly                                    Tim Patterson

3          Misty Alum Creek                                Dick Wood

4          I’d Turn Back if I Were You                 George Clark

5          Idaho Hay Bales                                   Marguerite Molk

HM      Lil Lady                                                Regina Mullins

HM      Warrior                                                Gerry Allen

HM      Great Horned Owl                                Audrey Begun

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