This year's Salon Information

Deadline for Digital entries is August 15th before midnight. Folders to enter digitals can be found here:


Your prints for the Salon may be dropped off on Thursday, August 27. Please take them to the Midwest learning room door (the door we normally enter for meetings) between 1:30 and 2:30 p.m. One of our club members will be there to receive them.  Please wear a mask when interacting with them. 
 If you are finding this date and time difficult you may contact Mark Fohl who has offered to take prints from his house to Midwest on that date. Please contact him before dropping them at his home.


The following outlines the Salon rules:

Section 2: The Annual Salon:
(a) The Annual Salon is held in all divisions in May. Each member's total number of entries, in each division, is limited to the actual count of photographs which placed first through fifth during the club year.
Any photograph or digital image which received Honorable Mention, in the same di- vision during the year, may be substituted. Substituting a new photograph or digital image is not permitted. If a member has only one such eligible photograph or digital image, in any single division, he/she may enter a second photograph or digital image of his/her choice in that division. If a member has no such eligible photographs or dig- ital images, he/she may enter two photographs of his/her choice in that division, whether it was submitted before or not;
(b) Awards are given for first through fifth places and three of the entries will receive Honorable Mention;
(c) Prints or digital images awarded in the Annual Salon shall be ineligible for any further Westbridge competition;

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