January 2011 Competition Results

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Results
January 2011
James DeCamp
Topic: Transportation

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Monochrome Prints  

1st Tom Snide BMW Wheel 6
2nd Dick Wood Chrome and More Chrome 5
3rd George Clark Velocita 4
4th Ted Stone Amish Transportation 3
5th Tom Wehrung Vapors 2
HM George Clark Last Train Home 1
HM Ted Stone Gondola Transportation 1
HM Sharon Telatnik Baby Buggy 1
HM Denise McCracken Stretch 1

Color Prints

1st Tom Snide Beach Escape 6
2nd Denise McCracken Red Rocket 5
3rd Dave Wetterstroem Early Morning Steam 4
4th Tom Snide Winter School 3
5th Stuart Herlan Rickenbacker Eight Radiator Cap 2
HM Jim Snyders Jumping for Joy 1
HM Marguarite Molk Self Portrait 1
HM John Enterline Park and Ride 1
HM Stuart Herlan Descendants of George Miller , a winner of the 1908 New York to Paris Car Race 1
HM Frank Darr Plymouth 1

Digital Images  View the Winning Digital Images on Zenfolio >

1st Paula Hardin Night Train 6
2nd Tom Snide Holiday Cruiser 5
3rd Eric Erickson All Aboard the Train 4
4th Richard Marquardt Winter Rails 3
5th Jim Batey Fixer Upper 2
HM Greg Telles Blue Angels 1
HM Amelia Eve Temptation 1
HM Crystal Tursich Dusk Departure 1
HM Tom Wehrung Terminal 1 1
HM Tom Snide Orange Yellow Trucks 1
HM Paula Hardin Catching the Cable Car 1
HM Mike Tomazevie Red Chevy by Ice Machine 1
HM Denise McCracken It's Gonna Be a Long Day 1
HM Greg Immel Hood Bling 1

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