March 2011 Competition Results

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Results
March 2011
Judge: Catherine Evans, Columbus Museum of Art

Topic: Above it All: Looking Up, Looking Down

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Monochrome Prints  

1st Paula Hardin Winter Play 6
2nd John Enterline Fallen Leaves 5
3rd Paula Hardin Polar Bear and Fish 4
4th Mark Fohl Curvature 3
5th Darlene Yeager-Torre Story Teller 2
HM Mark Fohl Downtown with Holga 1
HM Laurel Talabere From on High 1
HM Dave Wetterstroem Air Time 1
HM Cheryl Hyde Just Hanging Around 1


Color Prints

1st John Hooks Up on a Highwire 6
2nd Carol Shurlow Crazy Richard Looking Down 5
3rd Tom Wehrung Fair Time 4
4th Dave Wetterstroem Steel Venom Hang Time 3
5th Darlene Yeager-Torre Moon Above Redyl Exhibit 2
HM Sharon Telatnik Blue Umbrellas 1
HM Laurel Talebere Crossing the Bridge 1
HM Ted Stone Bridge Over the Genesee River 1
HM John Hooks Ride the Wind 1
HM Carol Shurlow Ribit 1

Digital Images  View the Winning Digital Images on Zenfolio >

1st Frank Begun Underwater View 6
2nd Darlene Yeager-Torre Perkins Observatory 5
3rd Jim Snyders Ford from Above 4
4th Wan Jung New Moon 3
5th M Molk Highway to Heaven 2
HM John Hooks Down on the Farm 1
HM Regina Mullins Where the Eagles Fly 1
HM Denise McCracken Looking over his Flock 1
HM Tim Patterson Mantis 1
HM John Enterline Up Here 1
HM George Clark Well Groomed 1
HM Mark Fohl Lecture 1

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