April 2011 Competition Results

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Results
April 2011
Judge: Lynne Gaines

Topic: Open

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Monochrome Prints  


1st Dick Woods Shed & Window 6
2nd George Clark Last Train Home
3rd Maureen Farrell Phantom Driver 4
4th Carol Shurlow G-Street 3
5th Tom Snide Generation:Cool 2
HM Paula Hardin California Coast 1
HM John Hooks An Old Acquaintance 1
HM Ted Stone New River Bridge - WV 1
HM Carol Shurlow New York  Waterfall 1


Color Prints


1st John Enterline Ivy & Window 6
2nd Darlene Yeager-Torre Dead Agave Cactus 5
3rd Tom Wehrung Mars 4
4th Ted Stone European Grandmother 3
5th Carol Shurlow Wall Flowers 2
HM Beth Armstrong Greeter ; Ireland 1
HM Carol Shurlow One Gorgeous Flower 1
HM Al Siegal South End Ohio Old General Store 1
HM Eric Erickson Santa Fe Church 1
HM John Hooks Icy Interment 1

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1st Laura Talabere Nora's Reflection 6
2nd Craig Renkert Rusty Pan 5
3rd Paula Hardin Prom Dress 4
4th Amelia Eve Tutu Tired 3
5th Jim Snyders Morning Glow 2
HM Ted Stone Overlooking the Hudson 1
HM Dick Burry McElmo Creek 1
HM Wan Jung Feed Me 1
HM Craig Youngman Fabric 1
HM Dick Wood On the Edge 1
HM Tom Wehrung Little Splash 1
HM Ron Phitayakorn Frog 1
HM Mike Lehner Natural Camoflage 1

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