September 2011 Competition Results

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Results
September 2011
Judge: Scott Volzer

Topic: Open

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Monochrome Prints  


1st John Enterline Magnolia Blossom 6
2nd Darlene Yeager-Torre Old Friends 5
3rd Darlene Yeager-Torre Lilly, Pearls, and Watering Can 4
4th George Casey This is Where I Get Off 3
5th Dan Barr Backyard Solitude 2
HM Gerry Allen Whooping Cranes 1
HM Ted Stone Trees and Leaves 1
HM Mark Fohl Roof Tile Shadow #1 1



Color Prints


1st Tim Patterson Divvy Up 6
2nd Darlene Yeager-Torre Stars, Shadows - Chamber Covered Bridge 5
3rd Carol Shurlow Stadium Seats 4
4th Peter Lenz Victoria Bench 4 Generations 3
5th Sharon Telatnik The Simple Life 2
HM Cherry Williams 4-H Lamb 1
HM Dan Barr How Much is That Doggie in the Window 1
HM Tom Wehrung untitled - chicago 2011 1
HM Dick Wood Pink Flamingo Dancer 1
HM Darlene Yeager-Torre Sill Life in Primary Colors 1


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1st Wan Jung Pelicans 6
2nd Cynthia DeGrand Shadows of our True Selves 5
3rd Jim Batey Columbus 4
4th Ellen Arnold Julie 3
5th Ron Phitayakern Bridge to the Unknown 2
HM Wan Jung Heron 1
HM Johnny Runciman Glowing Ballons 1
HM Mike Lehner Naturally Radiant 1
HM Darlene Yeager-Torre Leaves Light Shadows 1
HM Dick Wood Abandon Farm 1
HM Ralf Niehaus Black Eye Susan 1
HM Eric Erickson Chapel in the Woods 1
HM John Enterline Heads Up 1



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