October 2008 Competition Results

Category A (Advanced/Expert)

1st - Reflecting Effect by Chris Strickling
2nd - The Shed on the Pond by Ted Stone
3rd - STRS Bldg by Mark Fohl
4th - Serene Night by Paula Hardin
5th - A Thousand Catch Lights by Jean McCarty
HM - Which Way is Up? by Lee Mascarello
HM - Yellowstone Sunrise by Lynn Barr
HM - Tiffany Glass Block on Glass Table by Kathleen Basil
HM - Hocking Hills Reflections by Ted Stone
1st - Reflection in a Board Room by Dick Wood
2en - Burano Canal by Clyde Goad
3rd - Olentangy Reflection by Gerry Allen
4th - Bean by Dick Manassa
5th - Where is Waldo? by Linda Williams
HM - Boats @ Night Gently Rocking by Paula Hardin
HM - Memorial by Paul Becker
HM - Main Street, Nashville by Paula Hardin
HM - Untitled (Wavy water reflection) by Paul Wilbur
HM - Power by Dan Barr
HM - Hilliard's Bridge to Nowhere by Cherry Williams
1st - Paxson Lake Alaska by Marguerite Molk
2nd - Mabry Mill by Charles Bowdle
3rd - India by Robert Mauk
4th - Long Beach Harbor by Chris Strickling
5th - Untitled by Nova Weller
HM - Hocking Hills Fall Reflections by Ted Stone
HM - Getty Mirrors by Chris Strickling
HM - State House Reflections by Ted Stone

Category B (Beginner/Intermediate)


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