February 2012 Competition Results

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Results
February 2012
Judge: Eric Albrecht

Topic: Open

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Monochrome Prints  

1st Darlene Yeager-Torre The Wedding Gown 6
2nd Andrea Fitch Vintage 5
3rd Sharon Telatnik Prisms 4
4th Balaji Rajan Best Friends 3
5th Bill Kern No Title 2
HM Dick Burry Papa's Knife 1
HM Brandon Townley Trapped in a Cheese Grater 1
HM Carol Shurlow My Porcelain Dolls 1
HM John Enterline A Pair of Pears 1


Color Prints

1st Cheri Brent So Many Books, So Little Time 6
2nd Carol Shurlow Unfinished Project 5
3rd John Enterline Book and Tulips 4
4th George Clark Into the Woods 3
5th Brandon Townley In The Spirit of Valentine's Day 2
HM Dave Mondiek Two Tulips#2 1
HM Stuart Herlan Nature's Still Life 1
HM Andrea Fitch Barn Shoes 1
HM Darlene Yeager-Torre Umbrella and Virtual Flowers 1
HM Darlene Yeager-Torre Past Prime 1


Digital Images  View the Winning Digital Images on Zenfolio >

1st Darlene Yeager-Torre Flowers and Candle 6
2nd Linda Williams Lovely 5
3rd Darlene Yeager-Torre Playing in the Band 4
4th John Enterline Pomegranite and Orange 3
5th Andrea Fitch I Lost my Marbles 2
HM John Enterline 9 Across 1
HM George Clark Dad 1
HM Al Siegel Lemons for the Lemon 1
HM Ralf Niehaus Rose 1
HM Paul Wilbur Just for Tom 1
HM Sharon Telatnik I Ware 1









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