September 2007 Competition Results

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1st - Nymph by Clyde Goad
2nd - Chinese Lantern by Tenny Williams
3rd - Tulips by Gerry Allen
4th - Past Prime by Chris Strickling
5th - Hydrangea by Gerry Allen
HM - Tools of the Trade by Eric Cole
HM - City Dog in Mexico by Alena Hagedorn
HM - Share my Lunch? by Paula Hardin
HM - Mission Window by Jean McCarty
HM - Dust Bowl Rent-a-Car by Tom Snide
HM - H2SO4 by Tom Ziegler


1st - Zion Canyon by Roy Wilson
2nd - Crispy Duck by Lynn Barr
3rd - Baby Buckeye Tree by Nova Weller
4th - Grasshopper by Dave Dillahunt
5th - Kissing Amaryllis by Tenny Williams
HM - Cha-Who-We? by Linda Williams
HM - Wagon Wheel Farm by Tom Snide
HM - Silk White Day Lilly by Dick Wood
HM - Smiling Cheetah by Cheryl Hyde
HM - Nature's Skyscraper by Dick Wood
HM - Naptime by Eric Ericson
HM - Havasu Falls by Alena Hagedorn
HM - Entanglements by Paula Hardin
HM - Public Drinking Cup by Jim Snyders


1st - Glassware by Nova Weller
2nd - Garden at Niagara Falls by Tom Snide
3rd - Fort Hayes Ghost by Chuck Zelms
4th - Desert Flower by Tom Ziegler
5th - A Big One by Nova Weller
HM - Bald Eagle Speaks by Alena Hagedorn
HM - Birds on the Roof by Ted Stone
HM - Poppy by Ron Porta
HM - Fun with Light by Paula Hardin

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