December 2008 Competition Results

Category A (Advanced/Expert)

1st - Prague Street by E. Erickson
2nd -Quiet Harbor by E. Erickson
3rd - Bird on posts by Dave Dillahunt
4th - Grapes of Wrath by Dick Wood
5th - Winter Snow by Nova Weller
HM Shadows by C. Hyde
HM Urban Furniture by Dick Wood
HM Splash by P. Hardin
HM Light Houses At Grand Harbor by L. Barr

1st - Mildred by Gerry Allen
2nd - Hats with Borders by Nova Weller
3rd - Winter's Spring by Geo Clark
4th - Boat Reflections by E. Erickson
5th - Wild Lights At Zoo Pond by  C. Hyde
HM Morning at Mill Pond by Jim Mitchell
HM Fritto Misto by C. Goad
HM Nelson Atkin's Museum by C. Strickling
HM Eons in Pastels by C. Strickling

1st - Grazing in the Fog by V. Rausch
2nd - Lions by Robert Mauck
3rd - Roaring fork by C. Hyde
4th - Damsel Fly by Nova Weller
5th - Lotus Flower by Dick Wood
HM Banya in Bay by Nova Weller
HM Clearing Storm by C. Bowdle
HM Amish Refreshment by Ted Stone
HM Laughlin  N.V. by C. Strickling


Category B (Beginner/Intermediate)

1st - Doug Goodwin Bridge over Colored Water.
2nd - Wan Jung A Walk in the Snow
3rd - Doug Goodwin Blue Heron
4th - Steve Luebbers Lunch on the Canal
5th - Wan Jung Falling Leaves #1
HM  Kirk Stobinski Freemont St. Experience

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