April 2015 Competition Results

Westbridge Camera Club Competition Night
    Date:   Arpil 15, 2015  
    Judge: Bob Urban  
Monochrome Prints       
R First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Ria Waugh The Grocer 6
2nd Dick Wood A Charming Carney 5
3rd Dick Burry Proud Ohioan 4
4th Dick Wood Columbus Night Hawks 3
5th FranK Darr Street Musician 2
HM Ria Waugh Lewis 1
HM Sharon Telatnik At The Market 1
HM Laurie Michnal Peck Viking Contemplation 1
HM Eric Ericson Paris Street Scene 1
Color Prints      
R First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Dick Wood 20's Paparazzi 6
2nd Ted Stone Civil War Re-enactment 5
3rd Mark Fohl The Man in Charge 4
4th Rick Barteldt Forgotten 3
5th Kristen Lehtoma The Little Mermaid 2
HM Dick Burry Daddy's Shoulders 1
HM Amanda Riegert Contemplation 1
HM Laurie Michnal Peck Wedding Joy 1
HM Linda Williams I'm Watching You 1
Digital Scarlet      
R First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Richard Marquardt Eye for Drama 6
2nd Frank Begun Wipe Out 5
3rd George Clark Faster Than a Speeding Bullet 4
4th Dale Berlin Erica & Sasha 3
5th Libby Rosen Ey, What About Me 2
HM Mark Fohl Puppeteer 1
HM Dick Wood The Boxer 1
HM Vickie Warren Tuscan Beauty 1
HM Dick Wood Please Not on my Tree 1
HM George Clark I Love Easter 1
Digital Gray      
R First Name Last Name Title Points
1st Dale Berlin Reading on the Pier 6
2nd Lou Haskell OldTime Baseball 5
3rd Dale Berlin Bob & Betty 4
4th Cheri Brent Girl in Havanna 3
5th Libby  Rosen Sisters 2
HM Libby  Rosen Flower Girl 1
HM Lou Haskell Night Watchman 1
HM Cheri Brent Ronald & Baby 1
HM Richard Barteldt Mystified 1

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