October 2017 Competition Results


Scarlet Digital

1st Miss Rodeo in Maybell Libby Rosen 6
2nd Getting a Trim Laura Stevenson 5
3rd An Evening with Lincoln Darla Coulter 4
4th Communion Rick Barteldt 3
5th Rainy Day Discourse Libby Rosen 2
HM Run on the Bank Charles Bowdle 1
HM The Ties that Bind Kathy Cubert 1
HM The Touch Sharon Telatnik 1
HM Daddy’s Girl Kathy Cubert 1
HM What Did You Say? Vicki Warren 1
HM Chinese Grocery Bruce Goldsmith 1

Gray Digital

1st Don’t Hang On ? You gotta be Kidding Libby Rosen 6
2nd Old and New Japan Eric Erickson 5
3rd Fist Bump  Tim Patterson 4
4th A Sunny Day at the Capitol Darla Coulter 3
5th Rio Carnival Larry Kennedy 2
HM Mirror Image Linda Williams 1
HM Mah Jong Bruce Goldsmith 1
HM Dude, When I Grow Up … Kent Larsson 1



Mono Print

1st Special Moment Donna Winters 6
2nd Pick Me Kathy Cubert 5
3rd Firefighter Huddle Carol Shurlow 4
4th Tour d’Amish Ted Stone 3
5th Picking a Pup Cherry Williams 2
HM Argument on High Street Dick Wood 1
HM Amish Auction Jay Heiser 1
HM COS Play Jay Heiser 1


Color Print

1st Exit Stage Left Kathy Cubert 6
2nd Groovin’ Mark Fohl 5
3rd Hay Bales Hide & Seek Carol Shurlow 4
4th White Water Rafting Ted Stone 3
5th Going for the World Record Dick Wood 2
HM Shelter Shared Cherry Williams 1
HM Firefighters Jay Heiser 1
HM Two Santas Cheri Brent 1


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