April 2018 Competition Results

April Competition Winners

Digital Gray

1st Mystic Moonlight – Donna Winters
2nd Fallen – Kirsten Lehtoma
3rd Colorful Cuban Fence – Roberta Kayne
4th Colors and Shadows – John Wreathall
5th Buenos Aires in Reflection – John Butterfield
HM Waving Back – Brett Brotherton
HM Prehistoric Siesta – Donna Winters
HM Reverence – Bruce Goldsmith
HM Shale at Highbanks – Jon Harvey

Digital Scarlet

1st Green Man – Kirsten Lehtoma
2nd Beauty in the Weed – Sharon Telatnik
3rd Smokin’ Hot – Carla Whipps Shadwick
4th Capital Rotunda – Dick Wood
5th Color Pop – Laurie Stevenson
HM Before the Game – Sharon Telatnik
HM Reminder of My Mom – Kathy Cubert
HM Christmas Cactus – Karen Adams
HM Physician’s Despair – John Butterfield
HM Happy Hour – Jay Heiser
HM The Shallow End – Cherry Williams


Monochrome Print

1st A Balance of Time – Dale Berlin
2nd Flock in the Mist – Donna Winters
3rd Mushroom Top – Carol Shurlow
4th Hand Railing and Shadow – Mark  Fohl
5th Fifty Nifty United States – Jay Heiser
HM Abandoned by Not Forgotten – Sharon Telatnik
HM A Roll of Logs – Kathy Cubert
HM A Magical Stream – Dick Wood


Color Print

1st Lift Off – Donna Winters
2nd Ice Amoeba – Donna Winters
3rd Simple Pleasures – Dale Berlin
4th Undercurrent – Sharon Telatnik
5th 14 Ft High Selfie Statue – Kathy Cubert
HM Zinnia – Sue Day
HM Market Day in Vietnam – Cheri Brent
HM Waiting  to Fall – Stu Herlan
HM Torre della Zecca – Jay Heiser

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