February 2019 Competition Results

Gray Digital:

1st-Late Night Tattoo-Richard Marquardt

2nd-Time To Reflect-Carla Whipps Shadwick

3rd-Busy Bee-Rob Formentelli

4th-Final Reflection-Pavel Layer

5th-Sunny Morning-Boris Rudkovich

HM-Columbus Fire Museum-Cherry Williams

HM-Spring Bird-Kathy Wagner

HM-Winter at Big Darby-Ken Wurm

HM-Hot Air Balloon-Ted Stone

HM-American Painted Lady-Karen Adams


Scarlet Digital:

1st-High Street Smokers-Dick Wood

2nd-On Watch in Ohio-Libby Rosen

3rd-Harley-Jon Harvey

4th-Immersed In Sunflowers-Richard Marquardt

5th-Charging For Home-Kirsten Lehtoma

HM-Great Blue Heron-Rob Formentelli

HM-Moments of Silence-Kirsten Lehtoma

HM-Ohio Fall Rose Lake-Eric Erickson

HM-Ladies-Dick Wood

HM-Mousekateer-Donnie Robertson


B&W Print

1st-Rose Reflection-Rob Formentelli

2nd-Nefertiti-Donna Winters

3rd-Tour De Amish-Ted Stone

4th-Post-Ken Wurm

5th-Snow & Ice-Carol Shurlow

HM-Ohio Born & Bred-Cherry Williams

HM-Display at History Museum-Cherry Williams

HM-Winter Reflections-Laurie Michnal Peck


Color Print

1st-White Throated Sparrow-Jay Heiser

2nd-Cicada Demise-John Butterfield

3rd-High Society-Donna Winter

4th-Asian Festival-Ted Stone

5th-Stop and Smell=Rob Formentelli

HM-Columbus Fire Museum-Cherry Williams

HM-Dumplin-Laurie Michnal Peck

HM-The Screamer-Carol Shurlow


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