Salon 2019-2020 Results

Judges: Kevin Deskins, Taylor Cubbie, Andy Hoppe (all from Midwest Photo)


Photographer of the Year, Rick Barteldt

Image of the Year:  Peacock, Rob Formantelli


Monochrome Print

1st – Rectangles in Tension, Dick Wood
2nd – Venetian Colonnade, Dick Wood
3rd – Sunrise Heron, Donna Winters
4th – Fashion Model, Dick Wood
5th – Waiting for an Old Friend, John Butterfield
HM – Cloudy Delaware Barn, Dick Wood
HM – Making Music, Rob Formantelli
HM – Union Demonstrators, Dick Wood


Color Print

1st – Peacock, Rob Formantelli
2nd – Gem City Ice Cream, Rick Bareldt
3rd – Sunset at the Smokies, Dick Wood
4th – Havana Sunset, Rick Barteldt
5th – Folly Beach Pier, Rob Formantelli
HM – Sunset at South Dakota Town, Dick Wood
HM – Early Morning, Miami Beach, Dick Wood
HM – Bridges, Carol Shurlow


Scarlet Digital

1st – Switzerland, Eric Erickson
2nd – Busy Bee, Sue Day
3rd – Sunrise, Badlands, Dick Wood
4th – Contemplation, Carol Shurlow
5th – Got Fleas, Rob Formantelli
HM – Moonrise over Little Chief Mountain, Dale Berlin
HM – Beached, Kirsten Lehtoma
HM – Spa Day, Kelly Hayes


Gray Digital

1st – Keystone Cascade, Ken Wurm
2nd – High Jumper, Cherry Williams
3rd – Great Blue Heron at Hoover, Tim Patterson
4th – No Prob-llama, Kelly Hayes
5th – Scaling the Peak, Tim Patterson
HM – Inside the Barn, Mark Fohl
HM – Fence and Foliage, Mark Fohl
HM – Wavelength, Noah Silliman

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