December 2020 Competition Results


1.Amish Farm-Ted Stone
2.Country Church 20-Eric Erickson
3.Early Morning Flight-Rick Barteldt
4.Backyard Bee-Sue Day
5.Cedar Bog-Bruce Goldsmith

Carolina Wren-Donnie Robertson
Cafeteria Line-David Chu
Downtown Construction-Sandy Siegel
Duckling in a Dublin Pond-Larry Kennedy
Hidden in the Underground Railroad-Vicki Warren
Zig Zag-David Chu


1.Class Act-Frank Begun
2.Scarlet and gray-Ken Wurm
3.Short North Snow-Richard Marquart
4.Over the River and Through the Woods-Vicki Warren
5.After Sunset-Kathy Wagner


Clifton Mills-Ted Stone
Old One Room School-Marcia Savage
State of Ohio-Mark Fohl
The Yankees are Winning-Charles Bowdle

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