September Competition Results

September Competition Winners

Digital Gray

1st Cape Blanco Lighthouse – Gerry Allen
2nd Creede Silver Mine – Charles Bowdle
3rd Window Reflection 01 – Jon Harvey
4th Smokies Ten Minutes Before Sunrise – Bill Weyandt
5th Gad Hair Day – Dennis Roush
HM Maine Lake – Paul Wilbur
HM Sugar Plum Delight – John Butterfield
HM Hummingbird – Donnie Robinson
HM Paul and Hotrod – Mark Fohl
HM Split Personality – Cherry Williams


Digital Scarlet

1st Shades of Light – Vicke Warren
2nd Something Tells Me I Am Lost – Joe Chunko
3rd Just Clowning Around – Frank Begun
4th Hiking into the Kerlingafjoll Mountains – Bill Weyandt
5th Narcissist – Pavel Layer
HM Finch on a Fence – Carol Shurlow
HM Thinker – Eric Erickson
HM The Revivtal – James Griffin
HM Machine Face – Mark Fohl
HM Splash – Kathryn Kempke
HM Pygmy Seahorse (Komodo) – Audrey Begun
HM Still Life with Veggie Scrubber – Tim Patterson

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