January Competition Results


1st: Laurie Stevenson, Garden Reflection

2nd: Joe Chunko, Getting A New Paint Job

3rd: Dennis Roush, Steaming Mad, A Selfie

4th: Carla Whipps Shadwick, Crescendo

5th: John Butterfield, Data Delivery


HM: Bill Weynandt, Dawn from Clingmans Dome

HM: Angela Scavo Manno, Immortal in Time

HM: Ken Wurm, Niagara at Night

HM: Sue Day, Where's Mine

HM: Pavel Layer, Narcissist

HM: Cherry Williams, The Hug




1st: Rick Barteldt, Austere Monastic Quarters

2nd: Tim Patterson, In The Garage

3rd: Kathryn Kempke, January

4th: Dale Berlin, Hunter's Point

5th: Laurie Stevenson, A Day at The Museum


HM: Sharon Telatnik, A Simpler Time

HM: Carol Shurlow, Bison Hollow

HM: Fohl, Building Structure

HM: Harry Kempke, Speed of Light

HM: Dick Wood, Hotel in B&W

HM: Erikson, Old Mill

HM: Charles Bowdle, Spinning

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