February Competition Results


1st On the Move – Laurie Stevenson
2nd no title – Terry Mulhern
3rd Oops, I Peed on my Leaf – Bill Weyandt
4th Friendly in Scotland - Cheri Brent
5th Hummingbird Sphinx Moth – Audrey Begun

HM Girl with Bokeh – Cherry Williams
HM Lights and Shadows – Mark Fohl
HM My Inner Depression – Dennis Roush
HM The Path Not Taken – Kathryn Kempke
HM Red White and Blue, and Black – Mark Fohl



1st  no title – Terry Mulhern
2nd Concrete and Shadows – Mark Fohl
3rd  Remembrance – Laurie Stevenson
4th  Ohio Backroads – Sharon Telatnik
5th  Wires and Glass – Laurie Stevenson

HM Medieval Scribe – Dick Wood
HM Rocks Frozen Ice – Carol Shurlow
HM Lost in my Pandemic World – Dennis Roush
HM Is It Spring Yet? – Donnie Robinson
HM Greenlawn Cemetery – Cherry Williams
HM Soccer Boy – Cheri Brent

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