April Competition Results


1st Donna Winters – The Palouse

2nd Kathryn Kempke – Three Trees

3rd Audrey Begun – Bee and Water Lilly

4th Audrey Begun – Goby Ponders Its World

5th Bill Weyandt – Man with Bird, Early Morning


HM Cherry Williams – The Scottish Clan

HM Rick Barteldt – Remote Island House, Iceland

HM Ken Claussen – Daisy Abstract

HM John Butterfield – Door to Nowhere

HM Rick Schnuerer – American White Pelican



1st Laurie Stevenson – Early Morning Mist

2nd Donnie Robinson – ala Hitchcock

3rd Laurie Stevenson – Chicago Looking West

4th Bill Weyandt – Vinales Farmer in Early Morning Light

5th John Butterfield – Natural Fan


HM Charles Bowdle – To Infinity and Beyond

HM Kathryn Kempke – Evening View

HM Sue Day – Frisco Fishing

HM Dennis Roush – Down the Drain

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