Salon Results

Salon Winners 2022

Image of the Year - "On the Move" by Laurie Stevenson



1st On the Move – Laurie Stevenson
2nd Metal Cathedral – John Butterfield
3rd Garden Reflcection – Laurie Stevenson
4th Bad Hair Day – Dennis Roush
5th Milky Way Behind Bodie Island Lighthouse – Bill Weyandt
HM Niagara at Night – Ken Wurm
HM East Bay Deli – Kathryn Kempke
HM Flower Shower – Cherry Williams



1st What Are You Looking At? – Frank Begun
2nd Just Clowning Around – Frank Begun
3rd Reflection – Frank Begun
4th Dark and Moody Garlic – Rob Formentelli
5th Green and Yellow – Charles Bowdle
HM The Palouse – Donna Winters
HM Remembrance – Laurie Stevenson
HM Flag in the Window – Mark Fohl

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