October Competition Results

October Winners – Letters and/or Numbers

Digital Gray

1st Peep Show – Phyllis Hollifield

2nd OK Linda – Tonya Sekerak

3rd Nicely – Ken Claussen

4th Modern Phone Booth – Sue Day
5th FEAR –  George Vaughn

HM Eleven – Tim Patterson

HM C-Weed – Carla Whipps Shadwick

HM Letters –  Don Cox


Digital Scarlet

1st Word Noise – Laurie Stevenson
2nd Motel – Dick Wood
3rd IVK-Secret Code – Sue Day
4th Fountain by Distant Street Light – Bill Weyandt
5th 170 Calories – Carol Shurlow

HM A Workers Desk –  Phyllis Hollifield
HM Shit Dang Bobby – Laurie Stevenson
HM Pencil – George Vaughn
HM VO-not the whiskey – Sue Day
HM Dispatch – Donnie Robertson


Monochrome Print

1st Read All Over – Donnie Robertson
2nd Ladder 132 – Dick Wood
3rd Measure Twice, Cut Once – Sue Day
4th Jumbled Numbers – Sharon Telatnik
5th Taking a Break NYC – Gerry Allen

HM ECBP 136.8 – Rob Formentelli
HM You Put the Letters in the Numbers – Mark Fohl


Color Print

1st X Marks the Spot – Mark Fohl

2nd Impressions of W – John Butterfield

3rd Door County Door – Gerry Allen

4th Orange Key Pad – Dick Wood
5th Supporting Letters – John Butterfield

HM X Marks the Railing – Sue Day

HM 107 High St. – Phyllis Hollifield

HM No Time Left – Sue Day

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