December Competition Results

December Winners

Digital Gray:

1st Sunbeams Hocking Hills – Eric Erickson
2nd Autumn in Ohio – Kathy Wagner
3rd Menage a Trois – Tonya Sekerak
4th Red Onion 1 – George Vaughn
5th Perspective on the Statehouse – Ken Claussen
HM Light Painted Christmas Tree – Cheri Brent
HM Midland Theatre – Tim Patterson
HM Circles in Circleville – Linda Alvarado
HM Rich Street Bridge – Phil Edelsberg
HM The Bride and the Photographer in the Wind – Roberta Kayne
HM Into the Devils Bathtub – Jeff Sagar


Digital Scarlet:

1st Bicentennial Barn – Ken Claussen
2nd Hocking Hills – Dale Berlin
3rd Sidewalk – Charles Bowdle
4th Geometric Doodle – Sharon Telatnik
5th Ohio Winter – Laurie Stevenson
HM Amish Chores – Dick Wood
HM Chapel in the Woods – Jeff Sagar
HM Columbus Chuckle – Sue Day
HM Cuppa Green – John Butterfield
HM Scarlet and Gray? – Mark Fohl
HM Leaf Portrait – Rob Formentelli
HM Ohio Capital Reflection – Phyllis Hollifield
HM South Bass Island – Dale Berlin


Monochrome Print

1st Tall Pines in Fog – Jeff Sagar
2nd Cleveland Steel Mill – Dick Wood
3rd All in a Row – Gerry Allen
4th Dublin Link Bridge at Night – Dick Wood
5th Bench, Shadows, Leaves – Mark Fohl
HM Columbus from the Air – Sharon Telatnik
HM Chasing a Meal – Gerry Allen


Color Print

1st Architectural Detail, Union Terminal – Dick Wood
2nd Last Sunflower of Autumn – Dick Wood
3rd Purple Shadow #2 – Mark Fohl
4th Address – Mark Fohl
5th Ice, Olentangy – Gerry Allen
HM The Herd – Eric Erickson
HM Snow on Rust – Jeff Sagar

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