January Competition Results

January Winners Numbers

Digital Scarlet:

1st  Natural Bridge – Dale Berlin

2nd  Victoria Street Upper – Marcy Colucci

3rd  Porto Balconies – Bill Weyandt

4th  In the Beginning – Carla Whipps Shadwick

5th  Flight to the Ivory Coast – John Butterfield

HM  Something’s Fishy – Frank Begun

HM  It’s a Busy World – Laurie Stevenson

HM  Time Warp – Jim Urzykowski

HM  Lockbourne Church – Mark Fohl

HM  Ice Maiden – Tonya Sekerak

HM  Lobster Pots – Vicki Warren

HM  Stop & Stare – Ash La Follette

HM  On the Edge – Dick Wood


Digital Gray:

1st  A Hug – Phyllis Hollifield

2nd  Dials – George Vaughan

3rd  Red and Blue Symmetry – Eric Reidinger

4th  Desert Moonrise – Gerry Allen

5th  Enjoying the Cold, Almost – Sue Day

HM  Hobbit Optional – Linda Alvarado

HM  Twin Lake Egret – Russell Crane

HM  Forever Green – Jessica Prater

HM  Light and Shadow – Jeff Sagar

HM  Fall Time – Henry Marzal

HM  Cedar Falls – Sharon Reinert


B&W Prints

1st  Bird Frenzy – Sharon Telatnik
2nd  Architectural Detail, Column Base – Dick Wood
3rd  Discarded Treasure – Cherry Williams

4th  Stormy Afternoon – Carol Shurlow
5th  Say Cheese Please – Carol Shurlow

HM Old Sparkles – Sue Day
HM Cone Pine, White Pocket – Gerry Allen
HM Saluki, Royal Hound of Egypt – Cherry Williams


Color Prints

1st  Reflections – Ash La Follette
2nd  Flower Shower – Cherry Williams
3rd  Barn Find in PA – Jon Harvey
4th  Fall Leaves and Water – Jeff Sagar
5th  Jackson Pollock – Richard Mansfield

HM Security Gate – Mark Fohl
HM Blue Footed Boo By – Eric Erickson
HM May 2022 Lunar Eclipse – Rob Formentelli

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