An Evening with Dan Burkholder: Virtual Zoom Presentation March 27, 7:00 pm Cost: $10

To purchase Zoom link please click below:  $10 per person
Burkholder  With his legendary photographic experience and humorous insights, Dan Burkholder’s
  presentation takes you on a visual journey, from decades in the world of classic darkroom
  photography to his innovative approach to digital imaging and printing techniques.  From
  pioneering digital negatives, to HDR, to iPhone Artistry, and printing with precious metals,
  you’ll see how Dan combines the best of artistic vision with a fondness for the hardware,
  software and chemistry of the medium.  Dan’s lecture will fill you with inspiration to express
  beauty and add fun to your own photography.
By sharing his pivotal methods, Burkholder has become a unique teacher and mentor for thousands of photographers by bridging the worlds of classic photography with the evolving digital era.  He continues to forge ahead into new areas of photography, preaching the fine art potential of the Apple iPhone and the smaller micro 4/3 cameras.  His innovations introduced two original darkroom techniques, creating the pigment over platinum print in 2001 and the platinum over gold leaf print in 2007.
This evening is open to all photographers - everyone is welcome so be sure to share the information with your friends.  Downloadable PDF with complete information:  
Bran Castle Romania Dan Burkholder     Overlapping Trees Romania Dan Burkholder 1View From Hotel Window Romania Dan Burkholder
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