March Competition Results


Digital Scarlet

1st  Bird over Water – Whit Martin
2nd Let That Which Is Out In – Carrie Cartwright
3rd  Dead Flowers – Dale Berlin
4th  Distortions – George Vaughn
5th Dragonfly and Bud – Audrey Begun
HM Both Doors Closed – Mark Fohl
HM Once I Was New – Ron Briggs
HM Over Grown – Tonya Sekerak
HM Humpty Dumpty – Cherry Williams
HM Rural Madonna – Mark Fohl
HM Wall – Paul Wilbur
HM Welcome – Eric Erickson
HM Age of Beauty – Laurie Stevenson


Digital Gray

1st  Door Hinge – Eric Erickson
2nd Apple – George Vaughn
3rd  The Ghost in the Mirror – Vicki Warren
4th  Tulip – Gerry Allen
5th  Gotta Luv an Imperfect Pigtail – Phyllis Hollifield
HM Bloom – Jessica Prater
HM Door Knocker – Joe Chunko
HM Door Segment – Jim Urszykowski
HM Fresh Flowers – Rob Formentelli
HM Magazine Publishing – John Cagnina
HM Still Life 2 – Martha Morss


Monochrome Prints

1st   Mere Shadow – Donna Winters
2nd   In the Beginning – Donna Winters
3rd   Old Log Winch, Zion NP – Gerry Allen
4th   Rusty Bridge Support – Rob Formentelli
5th   Abbey Church – Ireland – Gerry Allen
HM  Discarded Windshield Wiper – Dick Wood
HM  Hands of Time – John Butterfield
HM  Wabi Sabi in the Woods – Lee Flasche


Color Prints

1st   Letting Go – Donna Winters
2nd   Abandoned Chicago RR Bridge – Dick Wood
3rd   Petalless Existence – John Butterfield
4th   Patch Work – Donny Robertson
5th   Motel 40 – Eric Reidinger
HM  Fallen Flowers – Sue Day
HM  Closed for Business – Frank Begun
HM  Motel Light Fixture – Dick Wood
HM  Mammoth Springs – Frank Begun

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