April Competition Results

Digital Gray

1st    Reflections – Donnie Robertson
2nd   I Adore You – Tonya Sekerak
3rd   Donald Duck – Eric Reidinger
4th   Ready, Aim, Fire – Tonya Sekerak
5th    Eyes – George Vaughn
HM  Lawn Dew – Ed Zirkle
HM  Reflections – Todd Elzey
HM  Street Weed – Sue Day
HM  Fishing Village Iceland – Eric Erickson
HM  Saving Face – Barb Stitzer


Digital Scarlet

1st    Fort Jefferson – Tom Snide
2nd   Three Lakeside Long Necks – Lee Flasche
3rd   Bridge over the Seine – Gerry Allen
4th    Games People Play – Carla Whipps Shadwick
5th    Faces of Eve – Donnie Robertson
HM  Foamy Fountain Fun – John Butterfield
HM  Red Light, Red Door – Mark Fohl
HM  Milkbath – Barb Stitzer
HM  Mealtime – Frank Begun
HM  Honeycomb – Sharon Reinert
HM  Taking Off – Vicki Warren
HM  Blimp Control Tower – Jim Urzykowski


Monochrome Print

1st    Japan Lunch Break – Ted Stone
2nd   Curved Stair – Dick Wood
3rd    String Theory – Sharon Telatnik
4th    Everal and Tree – Mark Fohl
5th    Egret Congregation – Donna Winters
HM  Whitehouse Ruins, Canyon de Chelly – Eric Erickson
HM  Sea Arch – Gerry Allen
HM  Stepping Stones – Donnie Robertson


Color Print

1st    Spring Purple Study #23 – Lee Flasche
2nd   The Palouse IV – Donna Winters
3rd    Photographer in the Mist – Eric Erickson
4th    Wonder in the Sky – Mark Fohl
5th    Lift Off – Donna Winters
HM  Scottish Lord – Dick Wood
HM  Waddle We Do Without You – Sharon Telatnik
HM  Life in Decay – Carol Shurlow

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