Salon Competition Results

Salon Winners


Ernst Wehausen – Freelance Photographer
Adam Elkins – Fine Art Photographer, Film Developer
Mike Foley – Portrait Photographer, Columbus State Instructor


Digital Gray

1st    Enjoying the Cold, Almost – Sue Day
2nd   Geometry in Sossusvlei – Roberta Kayne
3rd   Gotta Luv an Imperfect Pigtail – Phyllis Hollifield
4th   Light at the End – Linda Alvarado
5th   I Adore You – Tonya Sekerak
HM Peep Show – Phyllis Hollifield
HM Autumn Glace’ – Carla Whipps Shadwick
HM A Hug – Phyllis Hollifield


Digital Scarlet

1st   Motel – Dick Wood
2nd  My Friend Bonnie – John Butterfield
3rd   Quiver Tree Sunset – Roberta Kayne
4th  Porto Balconies – Bill Weyant
5th   Geometric Doodle – Sharon Telatnik
HM  All the Faces of Ohio – Carrie Cartwright
HM Ocean Motion – Rob Formenteli
HM Fountain by Distant Streetlight – Bill Weyant


Monochrome Print

1st    Giants’ Causeway – Gerry Allen
2nd   Curved Stair – Dick Wood
3rd   Heron – Frank Begun
4th   Witches Hat, Oregon Coast – Gerry Allen
5th   Snowy Owl – Frank Begun
HM From Darkness Into Light – Gerry Allen
HM Lunch Break, Japan – Ted Stone
HM Abandoned = Jeff Sagar


Color Print

1st    Abandoned Chicago Railroad Bridge – Dick Wood
2nd   Bar Harbor Sunrise – Carol Shurlow
3rd   Eiffel Café – Gerry Allen
4th   Sunset Where the Dunes Meet the Ocean – Roberta Kayne
5th   Pedalless Existence – John Butterfield
HM Spring Purple Study #23 – Lee Flasche
HM Architectural Tapestry – Dick Wood
HM The Geisha – Jim Schwartz


Image of the Year

Abandoned Chicago Railroad Bridge – Dick Wood

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