September Winners



1st Place: London England Mayor’s Birthday Show---- Ted Stone

2nd Place:  Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire ------Donna winters

3rd Place:  “Owlet ---- Frank Begun  

4th Place: Dead Pinyon---- Dale Berlin

5th  Place ---B/W Leaf Portrait ----Ron Formentelli

Honorable Mentions:

Bike Shop ---  Mark Fohl

Sleeping It Off --- Larry Kennedy

Toxic Beauty – Audrey Begun


COLOR Prints

1st Place:  “ Ms. Evans” ---- Dick Wood

2nd Place:   “True North” --- Donna Winters

3rd Place:  “ Pink Clownfish” ---- Frank Begun

4th Place:   “ Spicy”  ---- Bob Formentelli

5th Place:   “Snowy Red Barn”  ----Joe Chunko

Honorable Mentions:

Boston  Fish Market” ----- Bob Buch

Barbie’s Getaway”  -----  Sharon Telatnik

“Blue Bird on Branch” ------ Gerry Allen

Digital Gray:

1st Place: Vote or Die - Sharon Andrews

2nd Place: Metal Abstract - Rick Barteldt

3rd Place: Capturing the Exhale - Ash La Follette

4th Place: Ghost Tulips - Sharon Andrews

5th Place: Glaze Gaze - Christie Holmes

Honorable mentions:

We're Outta Here- Carla Whipps Shadwick

Every Drop Matters - Karen Scott

The One That Didn't Get Away - F Begun

Tiny Treefrog 2023 - C Catright

NM Gallup Rodeo 2023 - Ed Zirkle


Digital Scarlet:

1st Place: Full Curl - Jessica Sims

2nd Place: Piper - Sharon Andrews

3rd Place: Clown Fish - Audrey Begun

4th Place: Photobombed - Phyllis Hollifield

5th Place: After Dark - Bill Arneson

Honorable mentions:

Loan Wolf-Tonya Sekerak

The Night Light - Skip Kremer

Autumnal Acer Saccharum - Charles Bowdle

Ocean Motion - Rob Formentelli

Who's There - Jessica Sims

Best Seat In The House - F Begun

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