November Winners


Monochrome Prints                                        

1st—Song lines----Donna Winters

2nd—Unsettled—Donna Winters

3rdHuntington Center—Dale Berlin

4th—Jumping Frog to Win—Sharron Telatnik

5th—Pecker Head—Frank Begun

HM—Aspen trees in Winter—Larry Kennedy

HM—Quill Cloud—Rich Barteldt

HM—The Pumpkin Truck—Carol Shurlow

Hm—Sand fall , Upper Antelope canyon—Jeff Sagar

HM — Kenyon College — Stephen Organ


Color Prints

1st—Elegance----- Donna Winters

2nd—Sunset Flight --  Donna Winters

3rd---Taking Flight---Sharon Telatnik

4th---Heron--- Dale Berlin

5th—Marsh Dawn—Gerry Allen

HM.—Rainy day--- Stephen Organ

HM—Perched on a Rail---Rob Formentelli

HM—Stairway to Hell—John Butterfield

HM—Young Lady in Street—George Vaughan

HM—Poe Wow—Dick Wood


Novice Digital

1st: Taking Flight  ----Todd Elzey

2nd: Jasper Bull Elk----Mark Coller

3rd: Stick 'Em Up------Karen Scott

4th: Bramante's Tempietto----John Essig

5th: Brown Bear Exiting Water---Dave Baldinger

HM: Mill Creek Reflections----John Essig


Advanced / Intermediate Digital

1st: Book Sculpture---- -------Sharon Andrews

2nd: Multiplicity-----------------Donnie Robertson

3rd: Malachite Kingfisher-----Larry Kennedy

4th: Continental-----------------Skip Kremer

5th: Horse Fly-------------------Joe Chunko

HM: Make a Wish----------------Carla Whipps Shadwick

HM: Black Church--------        Butterfield

HM: Columbus Evening-------Ashe LaFollette

HM: Woman Looking at Rain----Bill Arneson

HM: Spring House---------------Stephen Organ


Master Digital

1st: Fractured-----------------Donna Winters

2nd: Great White Egret-------Denny Souers

3rd:Face to Face Meeting—Frank Begun

4th: Cathedral Organ Pipes----Rick Barteldt

5th: Falling Leaves------------Dale Berlin

HM: mpressions of the Cottage---Rick Barteldt

HM: Florida Orange-----------Mark Fohl

HM: Odaiba Window--------- Jay Heiser

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