January Winners

Judge: Larry Hamill

Monochrome Print   Submissions 35

1st  Ship at sea ------- Carol Shurlow

2nd  Bridge to No Where -------George Vaughn 

3rd Clapham Junction ------- Jay Heiser

4th Make a Wish-------  Ash La Follette

5th Wild Ohio   ---------Jay Heiser

HM Gone Fishing, Lake Logan Hocking Hills --- Ted Stone

Hm Eagle Owls----- Frank Begun

HM  Architectural Details #4----- Dick Wood

HM Painted Dog ---- Frank Begun


Color Print   Submissions 36

1st Evans #4 -------Dick Wood

2nd Hunting Jacked ----Frank begun

3rd  Mountain Goat ----Steve Organ

4th Frad Pole----   Fank Begun

5th Lasso Boy ----Jay Heiser

HM Red Onion---- Sharon Andrews

HM Things Through the Kitchen Window ----John Butterfield

HM Coffee and Cream ----- Rob Formentelli 


Novice  Photographers  12 submissions 

1st Seville -------John Essig

2nd Hanging. ----Karen Scott

3rd  Break Time ----Christine Eagan

4th Blue Angels----   Todd Elzey

5th Easter in Schiller Park ----Todd Elzey-

HM Mossy Forest ---- Dave Baldinger

HM Prothonotary Warbler ----JMark Collins


Adv/ Inter Photographers  48 submissions

1st Baths of Maria de Padilla -------Sharon Andrews

2nd Dune ----Bill Arneson

3rd  Beached ----V. Warren

4th Waiting Room----   George Vaughan

5th Shadows----Joe Chunko

HM Well---- Cheri Brent

HM Light Streaks ----George Vaughan

HM On the way to St Augustine ----Tanya Sekerak

HM St. Josephs----Tanya Sekerak.

HM Trail House ----Charles Bowdle

Masters  26 submissions

1st Elephant -------F. Begun

2nd Pigeon Egg Shell ----Whit Martin

3rd  Odd Man Hat Out ----Rich Bartedt

4th Art Class----   Mark Fohl

5th Hands----Whit Martin

HM Abbey Street---- Jay Heiser

HM Determination ----Jessica Sims

HM Yin Yang  ----Jessica Sims


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