February Winners

Monochrome Print

1st “Mt. Vernon, OH” ----Steve Organ

2nd “Single Egg” ----- Rob Formentelli

3rd “The Stare” ----- Frank Begun

4th “Missing Some Parts”-----Carol Shurlow

5th  “Money Embryos”---- Donna Winters

HM “Abandoned Bathtub”  --John Butterford

HM “Peppercorn “------Rob Formentelli

HM “The Doctor Will See You Now”---Jay Heiser

HM “Morning Fog”---- Gerry Allen


Color Print

1st “Texas Tea”  ------ Rob Formentelli

2nd  “Communications”----- Donna Winters

3rd “Early Morning Reflections “--- Carol Shurlow

4th “In Camera Movement”--- Dick Wood

5th “Lost in The Woods”---- George Vaughan

HM “The Photo Was Not Taken in an Aquarium”—Frank Begun

HM “Jelly Beans” ----Sharon Telatnik

HM “Turtle Enjoying Serenity Waters”----- Larry Kennedy

HM “Piper Corn” ---Rob Formentelli

HM "Haleakala crater Maui" --- Jim Schwarz  


Novice  Photographers

1st Damsel in Distress, Karen Scott

2nd Beast of the Mangrove, Karen Scott

3rd Seaside Old Pier, John Essig

4th The Elevated - Christine Eagan

5th Interstate 5 - Jim Urzykowski

HM Penn Station - Christine Eagan

HM Jasper 5 Lakes Trail, Mark Collins


Adv/ Inter Photographers

1st The Shoemaker - Sharon Andrews

2nd White Sands Dune - Bill Arneson

3rd DuketheE, CarrieCartwright

4th Autumn's Embrace - George Vaughan

5th Florida Peeking, CarrieCartwright

HM Twins-Vicki Warren

HM Reflections - CheriBrent

HM Buffalo Pass Byway - Charles Bowdle

HM Alone - Bill Arneson

HM Mr Zappa - George Vaughan


1st Red Fox - FBegun

2nd Snag - Dale Berlin

3rd  Little Bee Eater - FBegun

4th Crystal Clear ~ Jessica Sims

5th Squaretop Mountain - Dale Berlin

HM Red Mailbox - Fohl

HM Tokyo Dreaming-Jay Heiser


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